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Half Dozen 19     |     Baker's Dozen 38

Dressed (3) 17

Wakame, smoked trout roe, ponzu, lime

Grilled 19

Basque: Chorizo, piquillo pepper, paprika, panko

Nola: Lemon, garlic & parsley butter, panko


N’duja Toast 9

Tomato, cornichon, shallot, lemon, boquerones

Coconut Shrimp 17

Six fried shrimp, lemon, house sweet and sour sauce

Mussels 17

Tomato-fennel broth, chili, herbs, Neuske’s bacon, lemon

Grilled Octopus 27

Tomato-fennel broth, chili, herbs, Neuske’s bacon, lemon

Tuna Crudo 19

Daikon radish slaw, tobiko, smoked trout roe, sesame, avocado foam

Crab Cakes 18

Ginger aioli, blistered corn relish, scallion

Caviars & Conservas
(Premium canned seafood with accoutrement)

Cured Salmon   |  13

Tuna Confit  |  9

Boquerones  |  10

Cockles  |  15

Sardines  |  13

Stuffed Squid  |  13

Smoked Trout Roe 1oz  |  17

Tradition” White Sturgeon 28g   |   58

Oscietra Classic Russian Sturgeon 28g  |  147


Ceasar Salad 14

Marinated white anchovie, cured egg yolk, parmesan, homemade croutons

Nicoise Salad 22

Tuna confit, grapefruit, fingerling potato, fennel, manzanilla olive, soft egg

Chicken Cobb Salad 22

Candied house bacon, corn, avocado, gouda, roasted corn, vinaigrette, red onion, soft egg, olive, pickled tomato


Burrata 18
Ask server for seasonal preparation

Hummus 13

Sesame, garlic confit, pickled tomato, manzanilla olive

Hot Plates

Lamb Chops  26

Pineapple relish, garlic yogurt, mint pesto, marcona almonds

Smash Fried Potatoes  11

Fingerling potatoes, lemon yogurt, capers

Potato Tariflette 12

Yukon golds, creme fraiche, caramalized onion, Neuske’s bacon, brie

Kabobs 15

Harisssa spiced beef, dukkah, garlic yogurt, pomegranate, chimmichurri

Foccacia 12

Chimichurri, parmesan

Chicken Tikka Bites 15

Tikka masala sauce, pickeld grapes, serrano, cilantro


Fries  6

Grilled Asparagus  8

Marinated Peppers  7

Side Salad  6

Cheeses & Charcuteries

(With accoutrement pricing by ounce)

House Honey Whipped Ricotta 5

Soft, cow, tart & creamy

Two Year Cheddar 5

Semi-firm, cow, creamy-nutty, rich

Goata Blanc 6

Semi-soft, goat, creamy, smooth

Marielle Fenugreek 6

Semi-soft, cow, nutty, maple-like

Cheddar in Blue 5 

Semi-firm, cow, unique fusion of two classics

St. Joseph 12 month 5

Semi-firm, sheep, nutty, crystalline

Cloverdale 8

Soft, goat, fresh cream, mushroom & hazlenut nose

Smoked Coppa 6
Brooklyn Cured, NY, Whole Muscle


Prosciutto Di Parma 6
Tanara Giancarlo, Italy, Whole Muscle, 18 mo.


Jamon Iberico 18
Fermin, Spain, Whole Muscle, 3 yr

Soppressata 6
Smoking Goose Charcuterie, IN, Salumi


Duck Prosccuitto 6
Smoking Goose Charcuterie, IN, Whole Muscle

Please be considerate of our one hour and forty five minute table limit, cheers!

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